Fall PD

We were excited for this opportunity to reconnect with you and share another learning experience together!  Please see the Professional Development Tab to review the presentations..


On behalf of the Spanish Team, we thank you for your attendance to the two in-person days of AUDII on August 3 & 4!  It was wonderful to meet and reconnect with so many of you!  We appreciated your engagement and eagerness to prepare yourselves for your new teaching assignments and your enthusiasm for the upcoming year!  Your energy and commitment for students was contagious and inspiring! 

All the AUDII sessions are now posted on the website under the Professional Development tab, AUDII 2021.

First-year teachers, please remember that in order to receive credit for AUDII 2021, you must complete the CANVAS modules assigned to your grade level and must have attended both days of the in-person AUDII PD.

Second-year teachers, depending on grade level, you had very few if any module assignments.  

However, attendance to the two in-person PD days on August 3 & 4 is required to receive credit for AUDII, even if you did not have modules assigned to your grade level.