Adelante Implementation – Zoom Update Sessions

Dear DLI Teachers,

Below you will find the recording of the two Zoom sessions from December 15th and 17th, which provided some additional information regarding the implementation process of Adelante, as well as information on how to navigate the program’s features. 

 Grades K-2 

Grades 3-6


Literacy Program Adoption – Zoom Sessions

Dear Spanish DLI Teachers,


We are looking forward to seeing you at the Zoom session scheduled for Nov. 13. 

This session has been scheduled to process any lingering questions that teachers may have after going through the tutorials.  Each session will be hosted by Benchmark consultants and representatives of the Utah State Spanish DLI Team.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see a recording of the Zoom sessions held in November. 

 Grades K-1

Grades 2-6


It is very important that you continue to use the Transitional Plan until you have all the materials, have watched all the tutorials, have attended one of the Zoom sessions and you can access your TRS (Teacher Resource System).

Please visit this page regularly to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the literacy adoption. 


Benchmark Adelante – Tutorials #1 , #2 & #3

Dear teachers, 

Please click on the links below to access the tutorials #1 and #2 for the implementation of Benchmark Adelante. 




Literacy Adoption Update (Oct 12)

Dear Elementary Spanish Teachers, Principals, Coordinators and LEAs,


Here is the latest update on the literacy adoption and adaptation process:


On October 15th and 16th, the current transitional portal will start looking very differently. Benchmark recommends that we try not to use the transitional portal on these two days, as they will be doing a simultaneous portal upload for all the participating schools.


Below is the tutorial rollout schedule:


  1. October 19–Tutorial #1 (Walkthrough of the visual packing list and portal). 
  2. October 19—Tutorial #2 (Walkthrough of the 6-week unit plan).  This tutorial will have two versions:
    1. K-1 grades 
    2. 2-6 grades 
  3. October 26—Tutorial #3 (Use of anchor charts and annotating routines)


The modules will be posted on the “Announcement Page” on the Spanish website. Each module will be one hour long.  Teachers have from October 19-30 to view the modules.  


Because this is a very customized product, we do anticipate that edits will be forthcoming based on your feedback.  


We thank you for your patience and understanding of the unforeseen circumstances that have led to the delays of this adoption. But it is finally here and we hope you will be excited to use this new program!


Mil gracias,




Update: Literacy transitional plan video tutorial now available

Literacy Transitional Plan Video Tutorial

Please click here to access the presentation


Literacy Transitional Plan – August/September


The resources below contain the DLI transitional plans to be used during August and September in preparation for the implementation of the new literacy Program (Benchmark Adelante). The new program is expected to be implemented in October. 


The plans consist of two files:

5-day plan (K-1st) and 10-day plan (Grades 2-6)
Contains a sequence of protocols and activities to be implemented in the classroom.


Texts and Evaluation Projects Guide
A list of the texts to be used during the 10-day plan.


Click on your corresponding grade to access a page that will give you access to the plans. Please note that you will be given access to Benchmark Adelante’s e-library as your schools sign the contracts over the next weeks. Contact your school or district’s tech specialist for additional information. 

Grades K-1st

Grades 2-6

Literacy Transitional Plan Video TutorialPlease click here to access the presentation



Science update: SEEd standards and DLI content for grades 4-5-6


Dear 4th, 5th and 6th-grade teachers,


The science page for your corresponding grades have been updated with the following resources:


  • Utah OER book: Spanish translation
  • SEEd Storylines and journals in Spanish
  • Correlation between the new science standards and Visual Learning Systems video library

To access these resources, click on your grade’s button located in the left bar. 



Dear Spanish DLI Teachers,


¡Enhorabuena!  We are thrilled to let you know that all the USBE procurement requirements for the Spanish literacy adoption have been met and we are ready to fast forward the ordering an implementation process.


Below are the next steps and timeline for the ordering process:


  1. This week, Benchmark has reached out to each of your schools/districts to confirm the numbers for your school’s literacy order.


  1. As soon as your order quantities are confirmed, Benchmark will generate your school/district contract.


  1. Once the contract is signed by the school/district, Benchmark will be able to provide the school online access to the e-library within a week.


  1. The goal is to have ALL contracts signed by August 24 in order to have the printed materials delivered to the schools by Sept. 24.


Below is the timeline for training and implementation:


  1. Next week (August 19), we will post on the Spanish website the transitional instructional plan that we will implement for 6-8 weeks (depending on your school starting date) until the week of October 12, when we will hold training to fully implement the new Benchmark Adelante program.


  1. Online training for full implementation of the new Benchmark Adelante program will take place on October 12-21.


We thank you for your patience and look forward to the excitement of transitioning to the new Benchmark Adelante literacy program!


Mil gracias,

Ofelia & The Spanish Team




Due to State procurement policies, the adoption process will be extended to July 1, 2020. Opportunities for professional development will be published through the Spanish website as soon as the procurement process is completed. 


We thank you for your patience and know that every effort will be made to provide you a smooth transition for the newly adopted Spanish literacy program.








Special thanks to our Amazing colleagues below for sharing their exemplary distance learning strategies.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn from each other!



Dear DLI Teachers,


Your concern for the wellbeing of your students and their ongoing learning is moving and inspiring!  We thank you for the outpouring collaboration across the State to generate supports for our students’ initial transition to distance learning, while we all prepare for more sustainable supports for extended distance learning. 


The Home Learning Activities Menus below outline activities and identify resources that can be used to support students with language learning at home. They have been designed to be shared with parents and students to assist with home learning opportunities for our DLI students during this initial transition to distance learning.


We hope these Home Learning Activities Menus are helpful to your DLI students/families.  Please feel free to use them in their original form or to modify them to best meet the needs of your students. 


The State Team is standing by to support you through this unprecedented transition.  Please let us know of your needs. 


We send you our unwavering appreciation and admiration, and our best wishes for good health for you and your loved ones!


Ofelia & Team

Home Learning Activities Menu (Spanish)





Home Learning Activities Menu (English)






COVID-19 School Closure

Dear Spanish DLI Teachers, 


Due to the school closure to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Utah Spanish DLI program is working on compiling a series of guidelines and resources for teachers to support their students at home. 

As this is a rapidly evolving situation, we cannot yet provide you with specific materials.  Please keep regularly visiting the announcements page during this week for additional information. 


Thank you, 


The Spanish DLI Team


AAPPL Test 2019 / Parent-teacher conferences

The 2019 AAPPL test window will be open from November 4th to December 20th. We encourage teachers to review the attached presentation. It contains information regarding proficiency targets, content topics to be evaluated and links to practice tests. 


A video about Utah’s Dual Immersion parent-teacher conference model is available through the program model section at the top bar or by clicking on this link. It covers the philosophy of the parent-teacher conference in the DLI program and provides practical examples to better prepare for them.




As schools prepare to implement the new Utah Science Core (SEEd Standards) next year, we would like to invite all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade DLI Language and English Partner teachers to participate in a one-day DLI science professional development session.  This professional development is being provided in addition to the fall and spring PD required for teachers; however, all substitute costs for teachers will be covered for this training and we ask that all teachers in these grades attend.  


Objectives for this professional development are to introduce 3-dimensional science learning and teaching, to review the Utah SEEd Standards and to provide training for resource materials available for classroom use.  Both the language and English partner teachers should attend the session together.


A total of nine sessions have been scheduled (three training sessions per grade level). Please see the attached flyer for session dates, venues, and MIDAS registration information. Instructions for substitute cost reimbursement will be given to all teachers at the training.  Please help us send this information out to all DLI Target Language and English partner teachers (grades 3, 4, and 5) so that they may register for a session as soon as possible



FALL PD 2019 – 1st-year teachers



These are the dates and venues for the forthcoming fall PD (September 2019). Please click on the thumbnail for details on how to register on MIDAS.



Sept. 16 – K-1 New Teachers
Sept. 18 – 2-3 New Teachers 
Sept. 19 – 4-6 New Teachers


Time: 8:30-3:30

Location: Boondocks in Kaysville




AUDII conference materials (1st-year teachers)

The following presentations from AUDII 2019 (first-year teachers) have been uploaded:


  • Professional collaboration
  • Perspectivas culturales y relaciones públicas (maestros internacionales)
  • Sobreviviendo a los 10 primeros días de clase
  • Lectoescritura (Grados 2 – 3)
  • Lectoescritura (Grados 4-5-6)
  • Estrategias fundamentales (Grados K-4)
  • Estrategias fundamentales (Grados 5-9)
  • Ciencias en Doble Inmersión
  • Model classroom materials (zip file)

They are available in the Professional Development section at the top. 


Pearson SuccessNet access

Dear teachers and coaches,


It has come to our attention that many teachers are having trouble logging into their Pearson SuccessNet accounts to access the Calle de la Lectura materials. If you are experiencing this, we recommend you contact your district’s technology support personnel to solve this issue.


However, we anticipate that solving the problem directly with Pearson might take some time. In the meantime, please use the following user name/password to log into Pearson SuccessNet:


Username: Utah_SpanishK6_Calle

Password: GoPearson1


This account contains all K-6 Calle de la Lectura materials, as well as the Leveled Readers books. Once logged in, use the arrows to navigate to your grade’s materials. Please note that this temporary account does not include all the Pearson SuccessNet functionalities.


We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any questions.



AUDII Conference 2019 materials (2nd-year teachers)

Thanks to all the first and second-year teachers who attended AUDII 2019.


We have uploaded to the website the following materials from the conference:


  • Counterbalance in DLI presentation (AUDII 2nd year – available in the Professional Development section at the top)
  • Antología (AUDII 2nd year – available in the Professional Development section at the top)
  • Updated 10-day clickable plans: the sections for Counterbalance, evaluation projects and vocabulary activities contain updated materials. Please go to Literacy – Clickable 10 day plans to find them.
  • Focus / classroom walls materials (used in the model classroom in AUDII 1st-year teachers – available in teacher tools – classroom walls)

Please visit the website again since new materials are being added daily.