1-3 COVID-19 Plan

It is important to provide your DLI students with opportunities to interact with you and/or their fellow students through open office hours, discussions, and other means as often as possible during the week, daily being ideal.  

Ideally, we recommend students to be able to interact with the target language for 60 minutes every day. The time frames in the clickable calendar are aimed at providing a structure that supports that recommendation. However, those time frames should be adapted by teachers, students, and parents to best meet the day to day needs of the students.   

The English and Target Language teachers should coordinate their morning meetings, synchronous instructional sessions, small group sessions and joint office time.  Considering having a couple of joint sessions office hours for parents in the middle of the week in place of the morning and small groups session.  These joint office sessions enable parents to connect with both teachers in the language that is most comfortable to them.  

Clickable schedule

  1. This schedule can include hyperlinks to some examples of effective online instruction for DLI students
  1. Descriptions for each time block are provided below.

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