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Utah Core Standards

Utah 6th grade SEEd Science Standards 

Science and Engineering 

Prácticas de ciencia e ingeniería a ser implementadas durante las lecciones


Utah OER Books  

Spanish Version
English Version


6th-GradeSEEd Storylines

Courtesy of Davis School District (Spanish translation)

Spanish Storylines

(Clicking on the links will take you to a Davis SD Google Drive folder with all the Strands)


 Spanish SEEd Storylines
Google Drive Folder with Storyline and Student Journals

Additional information: www.seedstorylines.org


Digital Science Videos

“Digital Science” by Visual Learning Systems is a set of videos, texts, activities and quizzes available to teachers with a UEN.org account. Below you will find a correlation of the videos to the Utah SEEd Standards. To learn how to access the videos, click on the tutorial 

Visual Learning Systems – Digital Science.
Utah SEEd Standards video library correlation 
(under construction)
How to access the Digital Science Package
by Visual Learning Systems 



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