Professional Development


Winter PD 2023 (Boondocks Draper)

  • Counterbalance follow-up 


-Presentation (all grades) – Additional counterbalance video examples shown for all grades found here)



  • Escritura


– Presentation – Grades K-2    /    Grades 3-6

– Grades K-2 – (Google Slides presentation with embedded videos)
Grades K-2 – Additional slides with materials used by the teacher during the presentation


– Grades 3-6 – (Google Slides presentation with embedded videos and teacher-adapted materials)


Special thanks to teachers Lucía Martín (Herriman Elementary – Jordan SD) and Lizzie Robles (Middle Canyon Elementary – Tooele SD) for their collaboration. 


  • Teacher rotations 


– Engagement in math
– Enriched calendar routine



Fall PD 2022 (Boondocks Kaysville)





Herramientas de planificación (lectura guiada y video)






AUDII 2022 – First Year Teachers



CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT – Presentation (PDF Format)


LITERACY (Kinder-1st Grade)- Presentation (PDF Format)
LITERACY (2nd Grade)- Presentation (PDF Format)
LITERACY (Grades 3-4)- Presentation (PDF Format) 
LITERACY (Grades 5-6) – Presentation (PDF Format)


SCIENCE (grades 4-5-6) – Presentation (PDF Format)


ESTRELLITA- Presentation (PDF Format)




LUNITA – Presentation Presentation (PDF Format)


CALENDAR ROUTINE – Presentation (PDF Format)


PUBLIC RELATIONS- Presentation (PDF Format)


THE FIRST 10 DAYS OF SCHOOL – Presentation (PDF Format)


AUDII 2022 Manuals


K-1st grade

Grades 2-3

3rd  grade

Grades 4-5-6


Printable Poster Packets



1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade

Grades 4-5-6


AUDII 2022 – Second Year Teachers

Collaboration: The Key to Success – Presentation (PDF Format)

Vocabulary Teaching Strategies – Presentation (PDF Format) (available soon)




School Year 2021-22

Webinars 2021

AAPPL –  Presentation (Video)


Fall PD 2021

Kinder & 1st –  Presentation (PDF format)
2ndPresentation (PDF format) 
3rd & 4thPresentation (PDF format)
5th & 6thPresentation (PDF format)


AUDII 2021

Zoom Sessions

LUNITA –  Presentation (PDF format) / Scope and Sequence (PDF Format)
INTRODUCTION TO LITERACY – Presentation (PDF format) 
INTRODUCTION TO CURRICULUM – Presentation (PDF format) / Instructional time chart (PDF Format)
ESTRELLITA – Presentation (PDF Format)


Live Sessions 

LITERACY COMPONENTS OVERVIEW – Presentation (PDF format) / Visual packing list (Google Doc)
LITERACY (Kinder-1st Grade)- Presentation (PDF Format)
LITERACY (2nd Grade)- Presentation (PDF Format)
LITERACY (Grades 3-4)- Presentation (PDF Format) 
LITERACY (Grades 5-6) – Presentation (PDF Format)


Adelante Implementation – Zoom Update Sessions

Dear DLI Teachers,

Below you will find the recording of the two Zoom sessions from December 15th and 17th, which provided some additional information regarding the implementation process of Adelante, as well as information on how to navigate the program’s features. 

 Grades K-2 

Grades 3-6


Literacy Program Adoption – Zoom Sessions

Dear Spanish DLI Teachers,


We are looking forward to seeing you at the Zoom session scheduled for Nov. 13. 

This session has been scheduled to process any lingering questions that teachers may have after going through the tutorials.  Each session will be hosted by Benchmark consultants and representatives of the Utah State Spanish DLI Team.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see a recording of the Zoom sessions held in November. 

 Grades K-1

Grades 2-6


It is very important that you continue to use the Transitional Plan until you have all the materials, have watched all the tutorials, have attended one of the Zoom sessions and you can access your TRS (Teacher Resource System).

Please visit this page regularly to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the literacy adoption. 


Benchmark Adelante – Tutorials #1 , #2 & #3

Dear teachers, 

Please click on the links below to access the tutorials #1 and #2 for the implementation of Benchmark Adelante. 




Literacy Adoption Update (Oct 12)

Dear Elementary Spanish Teachers, Principals, Coordinators and LEAs,


Here is the latest update on the literacy adoption and adaptation process:


On October 15th and 16th, the current transitional portal will start looking very differently. Benchmark recommends that we try not to use the transitional portal on these two days, as they will be doing a simultaneous portal upload for all the participating schools.


Below is the tutorial rollout schedule:


  1. October 19–Tutorial #1 (Walkthrough of the visual packing list and portal). 
  2. October 19—Tutorial #2 (Walkthrough of the 6-week unit plan).  This tutorial will have two versions:
    1. K-1 grades 
    2. 2-6 grades 
  3. October 26—Tutorial #3 (Use of anchor charts and annotating routines)








Special thanks to our Amazing colleagues below for sharing their exemplary distance learning strategies.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn from each other!



Update: Literacy transitional plan video tutorial now available

Literacy Transitional Plan Video Tutorial

Please click here to access the presentation


Literacy Transitional Plan – August/September


The resources below contain the DLI transitional plans to be used during August and September in preparation for the implementation of the new literacy Program (Benchmark Adelante). The new program is expected to be implemented in October. 


The plans consist of two files:

5-day plan (K-1st) and 10-day plan (Grades 2-6)
Contains a sequence of protocols and activities to be implemented in the classroom.


Texts and Evaluation Projects Guide
A list of the texts to be used during the 10-day plan.


Click on your corresponding grade to access a page that will give you access to the plans. Please note that you will be given access to Benchmark Adelante’s e-library as your schools sign the contracts over the next weeks. Contact your school or district’s tech specialist for additional information. 

Grades K-1st

Grades 2-6

Literacy Transitional Plan Video TutorialPlease click here to access the presentation




School Year 2019-20


1st-year teachers Fall PD – Boondocks Kaysville (Sept. 16th-19th 2019)


AUDII Conference 2019

These are some of the materials and presentations shared with the teachers during AUDII 2019.


1st-year teachers



2nd-year teachers



Please see the clickable 10-day plans under your grade’s literacy section to access the updated evaluation projects, counterbalance and vocabulary activities materials. 



Winter PD 2019 – Draper

These are the materials and presentations shared with the teachers during our PD days at Boondocks in Draper. 



Grades K-3

Grades 4-5-6

Classroom conversations / Academic vocabulary

Protocol K-1
Printable wall posters K-1
Printable cards K-1
Protocol 2nd Grade
Printable wall posters 2nd Grade
Printable cards 2nd Grade
Protocol 3rd Grade
Printable wall posters 3rd Grade
Printable cards 3rd Grade
Protocol Grades 4-5-6
Printable wall posters Grades 4-5-6
Printable cards Grades 4-5-6


Text genre protocol


Protocol Genre graphic organizers


Videos and presentations from guest teachers

Silvia Iglesias: Vídeo guiado (Primer Grado)


Erik Torres: vídeo guiado (Presentación y vídeo – Cuarto Grado)


Vanessa Colorado: Narración de la selección (Primer Grado)


Diego Benites: Narración de la selección (Tercer Grado)


María Pereira: Lectura guiada (Tercer Grado)