When is it okay to speak English with my students?
Generally, DLI teachers are expected to conduct all interactions with their students in the target language. This includes teaching, conversing with students and parent teacher conferences. There are exceptions for emergency situations. If you have a specific instance in mind, ask the team and we can help address your question.

Do students have to take Culture, History and Media class?
Please encourage them to take this class if it is offered in your school. While technically an elective, this course is strongly recommended for all students.

How many times can a student take CHM?
The class has four modules that are generally taught as one semester classes. Students can take each module once, for a total of four semesters.

What happens if a student doesn’t pass the AP test?
If a student takes the test and does not pass, they can take the AP class in tenth grade and take the test again. If they don’t pass it on the second try, they will not continue on to the Bridge courses.

Do students have to take the AP test at the end of 5 DLI (9th grade)?
Encourage your students to take the test whether or not they feel like they will pass. If they do not pass the test, they will at least have the experience of having taken it so they can be more prepared the second time.

I don’t know how to do LinguaFolio. Can you help?
Yes! We are available to answer specific questions, but please first review these materials and attempt to resolve the issue yourself.  Beginner, Advanced

I have questions about the AAPPL test. Can you help?
Yes! First, you need to review the Webinar on the test and proficiency targets. Then, contact your DLI or assessment departments in your district. If you still have questions, bring them to us and we will attempt to answer them.

I found something inappropriate in the curriculum materials.  What should I do?
Tell us! Let us know what you found and where it is. Remember to never give material to your students that you have not personally reviewed for appropriateness. You are the filter and have the responsibility to check all materials.

I have an issue with [curriculum content]. Can I replace it with my own thing?
The course curriculum is carefully prepared and reviewed by teachers and educational professionals. Teaching the same curriculum on the same timeline is what guarantees the quality of our program. If you have materials that you would like to incorporate, please use them as additional resources instead of replacing the curriculum. If you feel strongly that something should be replaced, bring this opinion to us with your potential replacement and we will review it.